Sammy Haroon

Sammy Haroon


Mr. Sammy Haroon is one of the world’s few professionals who was a breakthrough entrepreneur for 12 years first—prior to being a successful corporate executive and intra-preneur at Procter & Gamble.  “Learning entrepreneurism all through my twenties with personal time and funds at stake combined with successes and failures taught me true innovation driven business transformation.”

A few examples of his significant contributions include, world’s 1st automated management of Delta Airlines’ fleet during extreme conditions: a cost savings of $250 million, and world’s 1st massively scaled electronic billing and payment systems for CheckFree (now FISERV): result was 100% increase in valuation.

As the Leader of Global Innovation at Procter & Gamble, Sammy created P&G’s 1st Innovation Center in the Middle East.  He led retail market analysis of GCC nations creating the focus on the Muslim consumer.

As Director of Marketing Technology, Sammy was a significant contributor in developing P&G’s and the world’s 1st and No. 1 word-of-mouth and viral marketing brands—Tremor and VocalPoint.

“Successful innovation is all about developing a balanced consumer centric value proposition and stakeholder centric economic proposition for the solution, the invention, the creativity, which is fulfilling the unmet need.”

Today, Sammy is realizing his vision at RBR through the education of his clients to make innovation a core competency within their organizations delivering tangible results.

Sammy is working on a book, “Learning How To Learn For The Near Tomorrow’s Dilemma Management” focused on the 21st century innovation models and the Learning Organizations required to deliver them.  The book is a joint effort with academia from Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Oklahoma and University of Washington.

He continues to speak and lecture at universities on topics related to innovation both consumer focused and R&D related.