RBR is an innovation driven enabler and educator of your organization to deliver growth through your core competencies and innovations.  RBR Advisors have launched many successful startups in technology based products and services, as well as advised Multiple Global Fortune 50 companies,nonprofits and universities.   RBR has a globally dispersed team of advisors and offices in Silicon Valley and Houston, Texas.


Invention to Innovation

Invention to Innovation (I2I©) is a method that co-creates with you in delivering an organization that implements processes that anticipate and manage the dilemmas you face in the 21st century economy.  Through RBR and your company, this method can help bring a world of external entities (i.e. academia, entrepreneurs, partners, etc.) to leverage and create an innovation portfolio.

Technology Commercialization

XBC© is a method that develops a foundation for a business or new venture.  RBR Advisors can work with you to establish an industry current state, new venture current state, and new venture future state.  The XBC© method is then used to develop the OGSM, Business Model and Business Plan. Beyond new venture creation, RBR serves as the commercialization office for Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Family Office funds by leveraging its actionable global network, deep technology capabilities, operations, branding and marketing expertise to assist portfolio companies with growth.


RBR provides strategic guidance and services to the corporate, non-profit, government and academic sectors in areas that involve innovation driven product and service development.  Specific to governments or public sector, RBR has focused on economic development, while for the non-profit it has included innovation in solution design for human and social development.  RBR strategic services cover the areas that are peripheral to its core services.  This also includes areas that are disruptive or new approaches to existing markets.

Advanced Data Analytics

RBR can host a one or two day Innovation Workshop for your project team or organization. In the workshop we would use our proprietary I2I methodolgy to help your team examine its current innovation portfolio and design a new approach that can help you take a leadership position in the market.


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