Our Team

Franz Dill

Director, Data Analytics

Linking innovation, knowledge and new ideas from companies large and small is one of the most important approaches available in today’s hyper-connected world…

Martin Ertl

Advisory Board

Innovation will be the key in the global race for any company seeking to differentiate. It is a result of several factors such as knowledge, capabilities, resources, culture and drive….

Sammy Haroon


Mr. Sammy Haroon is one of the world’s few professionals who was a breakthrough entrepreneur for 12 years first—prior to being a successful corporate executive and intra-preneur at Procter & Gamble.

Farrokh Mistree

Director, Academia

Farrokh Mistree holds the L.A. Comp Chair and is the Director of the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma….

Ram Shenoy


Ram Shenoy has 24 years experience in upstream oil & gas, holding a variety of roles around technology development, management and marketing.

Anthony Y. Tsai

Advisory Board

Mr. Anthony Y. Tsai is the CEO of the Beijing Hualian Innovation Institute & Executive Vice President/Chief Innovation Officer at Beijing Hualian Group (BHG) Investment Holding Co. Ltd. ….

Aruna Viswanathan


Aruna Viswanathan is an entrepreneur, investor, and business owner who combines strategic thinking and technical depth in envisioning possibilities for companies and organizations.